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Little late...


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

So I got Call of Duty2 on XBox. I am destroying someone online.
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I walked in my boss' office and told them how i felt.

I walked out of my boss' office after saying "I quit."


Nov. 4th @ The Basement (ex-The Greenhouse) $8
The Showdown
Chasing Victory
Maylene & The Sons of Disaster
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We had an intimate talk
With God you and I
Me with my words
And you in silence
All you said was
I liked that
But I saw Jesus in your eyes
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2 Awesome things in 1 week

#1) I'm gonna be in the Stretch Arm Strong music video.
#2) I met this awesome girl.

God Bless.
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School is good.

Everything is doing decent. Kinda want a new job... But eh? w/e.

I need to find some stuff to do. Life has been so repeating itself every week.

Any ideas?
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